Air Conditioning

Central air handling plant will supply conditioned air to all areas via ductwork, diffusers and grilles. This can be 100% re-circulated air, 100% fresh air, or any mix in between. The air handling unit will also normally house the filters and any humidification equipment.

Air handling systems can also be used to pressurise rooms or chambers allowing for high care or clean room applications.

Air temperatures can be altered at the air handling unit with the use of cooling and heating coils, with the temperature of each area trimmed with either additional cooling/heating or by varying the amount of air entering the space. However, there must always be sufficient supply air to conform with CIBSE guidelines, fresh air requirement for personnel.

Cooling can be provided by a direct expansion refrigeration system or from a chilled water or glycol circuit. The water chiller houses all refrigeration plant and cools/heats the pumped secondary circuit via a heat exchanger. This chiller can be sited close to, or a long way from the conditioned space.

If you have a specialist requirement, please contact us and we will be happy to discuss the design specification.