Leisure Facilities Refrigeration

With a host of clients within the leisure industry, iCool refrigeration are in touch with the systems which support sports and leisure faclilities.

Focused on recreation, sports, entertainment and tourism we understand the challenges our customers face. Our experience and ability to source and install systems allows to meet the demands of our customers.

iCool specialise in reliable air conditioning and refrigeration solutions whether that be in your hotel, restaurant, sports centre, swimming pool, spa facility or a theme park we can provide a reliable and cost effective solution which meets the demands of your business.

Since the dawn of time we have been trying to control our enviornments so the demands of high quality air in public areas is even more hot topic than it was years ago, let's face it who wants to go to a gym where people are working out and breathe in dirty air, just as equally the health of your customers is vital and working out in a humid and hot enviroment is not appealing. Changebale weather conditions in the UK means the demand for maintaining clear air is high on the list of priorities.

We specialise in high quality and high tech air conditioning and refrigeration systems, we can design, supply, install and maintain any system or we can keep the repairs up to date on your existing equipment. Our team of fully qualified engineers can provide cost effective and reliable plans to suit all your requirements.

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