Portable Cold Rooms

Portable Cold Rooms

Short or long term rental of a modular room offers more flexibility than a simple trailer, allowing for a cold room exactly where you need it for your event.

A selection of rooms and panel sizes allow us to build a room to your specification with internal temperatures from -18°C to ambient, we can also construct a room above ambient and close temperature control ± 0.1°C.

Portable Cold Room Construction

Small Enough for one person

Arriving at your site with the cold store in parts small enough for one person to carry allows us to erect the structure exactly where you need it.

If the room is required on uneven ground we start by constructing a wooden platform allowing a flat level base for the room. This ensures that the refrigeration unit drains correctly, the door opens and closes correctly and most importantly allows you to put liquids and other delicate produce on a level shelf.

Then the floor panels sit on the wooden platform, before the wall panels clamp together. The ceiling panels complete the room build. The floor panels are reinforced and have a resistant finish of phenolic resin, the walls and roof are galvanised steel with epoxy paint suitable for use with food is used.

Bespoke Built Systems

The refrigeration unit simply fits into a hole before being secured with a couple of bolts. We use bespoke built systems, and refrigeration units manufactured by Govi specifically designed for the task for indoor and outdoor use. You will find that almost all of our competitors use either a Zanotti or Cibin unit, a unit manufactured for indoor use with poor weatherproofing.

Finally we assemble and move the shelving into position if required.

We supply the cabling required to either plug into your generator or a simple 13A domestic type supply.

Portable Cold Room

These units are used for:

Thanks to our modular construction, rapid assembly and the ability to add them as lean-to extensions to building exteriors, cold rooms can be a cost-effective way of gaining more space for chilled or frozen stock.

  • Back garden wedding food and drinks
  • Ice storage at festival sites
  • Food and drink storage at various show grounds
  • Construction within a building and/or marquees

If you have a specialist requirement for our portable modular cold room, please contact us and we will be happy to discuss your event requirements.