Commercial Refrigeration

Bulk Storage

From small cabinets, chill rooms and cold stores, bulk storage and specialist bespoke requirements, Icool Refrigeration design, supply and install commercial refrigeration units or systems to match the required specification.

Mortuary - Portsmouth

Mortuaries, Funeral Homes, Crematoriums

Engineering experience in mortuary refrigeration design, installation, service and maintenance, we refer to these as: Body stores or body freezers.

Butchers Meat Counter

Butchers & Fish Mongers

Window beds, display and serve-over cabinets, and chill stores are a necessity for all meat products. Walk-in cold rooms can be off-the-shelf or tailored to suit. Put flaked ice around the display for the best presentation. We refer to these as: Meat counters, display cabinets, chill rooms & freezer rooms.

Refrigerated Beer Cellar

Pubs, Restaurants, Fast Food

These businesses are built on the supply of cold beer, chilled drinks, ice and fresh food. Well maintained refrigeration equipment is business critical. We refer to these as: Bottle cabinets, refrigerated cabinets, freezer cabinets, chill stores & freezer stores.

Refrigerated Blast Chiller

Slaughterhouse Refrigeration

The cooling from time of slaughter, to being served at the supermarket or restaurant is crucial to the quality and appearance of meat. Storage conditions can only be achieved through the use of specially selected equipment that has been commissioned and serviced correctly. We refer to these as: Chill stores, cold stores, blast chillers & blast freezers.

Refrigerated Multi Deck Unit

Retail Refrigeration

The supply, service and maintenance of chilled drinks cabinets, multideck units, both remote and integral are found in all food retail stores.

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