Home Comfort Cooling

Fast & Cost Effective

We do not supply and fit cheap air conditioning, we will only use proven reputable suppliers of well established equipment manufacturers.

Fast, cost effective & hassle free installations. Domestic airconditioning is becoming more prevalent as costs become more affordable, systems more aesthetically pleasing, energy efficient and noise levels are minimal.

AC Outside Wall Unit
Samsung Air Conditioning Unit

Versatemp Systems

Careful planning prior to the installation of an air conditioner will save both energy and money.

When installing efficient air conditioning, correct sizing is very important. It is not the best policy to opt for a bigger unit as an excessively large unit will not cool an area uniformly. A more efficient option may be a small unit running for an extended period, a site survey may be the best option to ensure all calculations are accurate.

Professional Installation

To ensure the inside drainage system and other mechanisms operate correctly, the unit should be professionally installed and commissioned. Where possible the outdoor unit should be mounted in a shaded spot on the homes north or east side, however, this may not ne possible or favourable. Identifying possible problems at the design stage will ensure system efficiency and longevity.

At the time of writing the VAT rate for domestic heat pump systems (comfort cooling) is rated at 5%.

This promises peace of mind knowing that your air conditioning unit will remain serviceable for many years, indeed, a 2 year warranty is standard. These air conditioning units are not last years' model or factory standards, you will receive an up to date brand new system installed for £999.00 inc VAT. (5% in the UK).

Total Control

At the touch of a remote control you have total tempertaure control of your room with instant cooling or heating. Using reverse cycle heating coupled with compressor inverter control you will enjoy heating massively cheaper than conventional heaters.

The high wall indoor unit can be installed in any room in the house (ground or first floor) as long as it backs onto an outside wall. The interconnecting services (no more than 6 metres) will then run on the outside of the building to the outdoor unit.

If you have a specialist requirement, please contact us and we will be happy to discuss the design specification