Refrigerated Catering Trailer

Quality Trailers

Our trailers are constructed from the best quality components to give you the confidence that the refrigeration won’t let you down. We have been using Govi refrigeration units for over 6 years without a single failure. However, should the worst happen iCool Refrigeration will send 1 of our own qualified engineers with another trailer, if he/she can’t fix the onsite fault we will tow it away leaving the new unit with you.

Whilst food storage is important, serving drinks at the wrong temperature will never be forgotten,

  • White wines from +4 to +9°C
  • Red wines from +11°C to +19°C
  • Ales +10/12°C
  • Lagers +2 to +4°C

Obviously of beer is being sold through a font via a flash cooler it will need to be stored at beer cellar temperature +10 - +12°C. This will ensure the ales are kept correctly it will enable the flash cooling

The correct and safe storage of many food products relies on maintaining the cold chain. The Food Standards Agency estimate that around 20,000 people receive hospital treatment in the UK every year with food poisoning of one sort or another (FSA fds2015.pdf). Most of these bugs and bacteria can be suppressed by the proper preparation and storage of foods, ie storage below +4°C. EC Regulation 852/2004 contains a general requirement for temperature control, as set out in Annex II, Chapter IX, 5

Raw materials, ingredients, intermediate products and finished products likely to support the reproduction of pathogenic micro-organisms or the formation of toxins are not to be kept at temperatures that might result in a risk to health. The cold chain is not to be interrupted. However, limited periods outside temperature control are permitted, to accommodate the practicalities of handling during preparation, transport, storage, display and service of food, provided that it does not result in a risk to health.

Interior Lighting

Interior lighting via a light switch is LED tube type allowing for an excellent illumination within the trailer. Also, in most cases we have an additional floodlight over the door.

Parking Support

Parking brake and 4-off height adjustable reinforced heavy-duty props allowing the trailer to be parked on uneven ground.

Weight Loading

Maximum weight loading: 90 kg/level

450 kg between 2 uprights and 360 kg between 2 uprights with angle configuration

2-off wheel chocks with bracket.

Water Resistant

Water-Resistant panel (lockable) with digital temperature display.

Cooling Capacity

Generally range from +2 \ ° – + 10 \ ° C.

Cooling capacity 1600 – 2000 Watt \ at + 30 ° C ambient temperature.

Suitable for operation while driving (with separate generator).

Why use iCool for your Catering Event?

Our smooth-running high-performance cooling machines offer electronically controlled defrost, with power supply of 230 volts via 16A Ceeform or domestic 13A plugtop, cables are supplied. The trailer has a water-resistant locakable panel with digital temperature display.

Food and drinks need to be stored at the correct temperature, our 30 years of experience ensures our refrigeration units are reliable and operate between +2 \ ° – + 10 \ ° C with a cooling capacity of 1600 – 2000 Watt \ at + 30 ° C ambient temperature, all you need to do is tell us your requirements and we will work out the rest for you, deliver, set up and remove once your catering event is complete.

All trailers are wheel clamped on delivery with the addition of a lock either within the coupling fitted externally.

With 2-wheel overrun brakes that are fully automatic reverse and parking brake, our trailers are also corrosion-resistant with asbestos-free brake pads. The chassis is a welded steel frame which is hot dipped galvanised.

Let us take the stress and hassle out of your outdoor catering so you can concentrate on your guests, all our trailers are insured so there is 0 risk involved when hiring through iCool.

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