Refrigerated Trailer Hire

Mobile Fridge & Freezer Hire

Town or Country......we can handle it

Food & Beverage Storage

Providing cold storage for businesses who need to store and chill food for events or social gatherings.

Interior Lighting

Interior lighting via a light switch is LED tube type allowing for an excellent illumination within the trailer. Also, in most cases we have an additional floodlight over the door.

Parking Support

Parking brake and 4-off height adjustable reinforced heavy-duty props allowing the trailer to be parked on uneven ground.

Weight Loading

Maximum weight loading: 90 kg/level

450 kg between 2 uprights and 360 kg between 2 uprights with angle configuration

2-off wheel chocks with bracket.

Water Resistant

Water-Resistant panel (lockable) with digital temperature display.

Cooling Capacity

Generally range from +2 \ ° – + 10 \ ° C.

Cooling capacity 1600 – 2000 Watt \ at + 30 ° C ambient temperature.

Suitable for operation while driving (with separate generator).

Weddings Trailer

Built to the highest specification you can be rest assured that your wedding food and beverages will be chilled to the right temperatures for the whole day.

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We supply clean, modern and high quality trailers ideal for outdoor events such as festivals, concerts and markets. We can provide low capacity trailers for small events or bespoke options for larger organisations.

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Social Gatherings

The ideal solution for your catering event or social gathering, our refrigerated trailers are ideal for storing food and beverages giving you peace of mind that your produce will stay fresh. We have a selection of sizes for you to choose from to suit any event, large or small.

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Corporate Events

Mobile refrigerated trailer hire is an important aspect of your corporate event, conference or office party. Our refrigerated trailers excel industry standards. Various sizes available.

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