Our rental refrigeration spends a lot of its life at wedding events, can you imagine such an important event not having a fridge for the catering and drinks.

Whilst food storage is important, serving drinks at the wrong temperature will never be forgotten,

  • White wines still and sparkling from +4 to +9°C
  • Red wines from +11°C to +19°C
  • Ales +10/12°C
  • Lagers +2°C to +4°C

Obviously if beer is being sold through a font via a flash cooler it will need to be stored at beer cellar temperature +10 - +12°C. This will ensure the ales are kept correctly it will enable the flash cooling to work correctly and efficiently.

Our most common request is for delivery on Thursday PM or Friday AM so that the drinks can be allowed to thoroughly cool before your event. Then collections are Sunday and Monday. However, if you have a different requirement please do not hesitate to contact us. Removal of all the drinks that are left in the unit is not mandatory, we will take them with us if you don’t want them!

If there is a marquee to be erected we can deliver a few days early allowing our unit to be out of site alongside the catering unit, the when the tent has gone we can collect. In most cases this can be done without additional cost.

Interior Lighting

Interior lighting via a light switch is LED tube type allowing for an excellent illumination within the trailer. Also, in most cases we have an additional floodlight over the door.

Parking Support

Parking brake and 4-off height adjustable reinforced heavy-duty props allowing the trailer to be parked on uneven ground.

Weight Loading

Maximum weight loading: 90 kg/level

450 kg between 2 uprights and 360 kg between 2 uprights with angle configuration

2-off wheel chocks with bracket.

Water Resistant

Water-Resistant panel (lockable) with digital temperature display.

Cooling Capacity

Generally range from +2 \ ° – + 10 \ ° C.

Cooling capacity 1600 – 2000 Watt \ at + 30 ° C ambient temperature.

Suitable for operation while driving (with separate generator).

Why Use iCool Trailers?

Being uniquely positioned in the South of England with 30 years of refrigeration contracting experience we can provide reliable refrigeration units to our trailers, all of which are cost effective and a suitable cold storage solution for your wedding day.

Our trailers have catered many a wedding party and they are becoming more and more popular. As wedding costs rise clients are looking for suitable ways to satisfy their guests with chilled food and drinks while keeping the cost per head down and not sacrificing quality.

Preparing enough food for all your guests is a daunting enough task without having to worry about where you will store it all and keep it fresh, just imagine after all that preparation you find out your beer is warm and the cheese has gone mouldy! With an iCool refrigerated trailer none of those issues are of concern as our chiller units are smooth running high performance machines with electronically controlled defrost. Offering a cooling capacity of 1600 - 2000 Watt, ranging from +2 \ ° – + 10 \ ° C.

Our convenient storage solutions will allow you to focus on your day and leave the food/drinks storage to us, we will show up on set up your trailer and collect it once your wedding is over. We can even deliver the trailer without a customer needing to be on site, we can simply notify you of the access code.

We have full liability insurance so there is no risk involved and we pride ourselves in being a friendly, reliable company who appreciates how important your food and drinks are!

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